Welcome to theCause

Players: 0/25

Version: 1.14.4


These commands will prompt when you cheer bits. More commands will be available if you are a subscriber.

1 Spawn pig with your name (1% chance to spawn charged creeper)
5 Give me random iron tool
10 Give me an Iron Tool with your Name on it
15 Throw items from main and off hand
20 Larry, Curly and Moe
25 Chicken Squad
30 Give me 20 cooked beef
35 Spawn random ore at my feet
40 Make me blind and give me levitation for 5 seconds
45 Spawn a tamed wolf
50 Give me a random OP Bow
55 Turn all nearby chickens into pigs
60 Give me a random OP item
75 Cant jump for 30 seconds
125 Teleport me like an Enderman
500 Turn all nearby Cows into Creepers

Thanks to BrooKlynOtter! Go check him out on Twitch

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